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Lo and behold! You have reached the 'About' page of the Funky-O-Meter iPhone™ / iPod® touch application.

This is probably the least funky place in the known Universe, but despite whatever bizarre impulse that brought you here, you are entitled to an explanation.

We all wanna be hanging out where it's most funky. So, in the proud tradition of such marvelous historic gadgets as the Suck-O-Meter and the Cool-O-Meter, we now introduce the Funky-O-Meter!

The Funky-O-Meter keeps you in-the-know on where it's "funky" and away from the just plain chilly and dull. It's easy and fun to use!

The Funky-O-Meter uses your location and data on "funky" and "un-funky" places reported to us, to calculate your current locations "funkyness" on a scale from 1 to 100.

You can even help generate more precise "funkyness"-ratings by going out and rating funky places. These sites and the rating will be used in future "funkyness" calculations - and will be available to you and other Funky-O-Meter users!

So don't be a chill potato, man.... Go out there and Get Funky!

What reviewers all over the world have said:

  • "This is the funkiest app on the app store!"
  • "zhaohu"
  • "A-maz-ing"
  • "RETARDED!!!!!!"
  • "Ganz Witzig"
  • "Funky fresh"
  • "Make it funky!"
  • "Eh?"

The Funky-O-meter can be downloaded on the App Store for free.

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You are allowed 50 tags every 24 hours and displayed geographic positions have been obfuscated slightly as a simple privacy measure.

Please leave any ideas and suggestions on http://www.funky-o-meter.com/support

Happy Funkyness

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